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The charming borough of Madison has approximately 16,000 residents and is known as “The Rose City” because of the history of commercial flower growing here. When it comes to living in Madison, residents can choose from new construction homes to classic historic homes. From older neighborhoods in a range of architectural styles to newer areas with more modern homes, Madison has character, diversity and charm. Streets throughout Madison are wide, tree-lined and well-kept. Neighborhoods include Orchard, North Street, Fairwoods, Adsleigh and Bottle Hill Historic, just to name a few.

Native American tribes farmed and hunted in the area well before the first European settlers arrived to trade. The village was established in 1715 and named Bottle Hill. Original native trails became highways and settlers identified the key locations near rivers and along these trails. The Kings Road was one of these main thoroughfares and agents collected hefty fees for it. After the Revolutionary War, the village of Madison grew into a thriving community and the county was reorganized in 1806, of which Madison was a part. The railroad provided the means for accelerated growth in the 1800s, which fueled the rose growing industry. It also brought millionaires to the country, looking for places to build estates. Many of these land developers chose Madison, and many of these historic homes are still standing. Other economic boosts came as the community went from primarily farming and flowers to a more diverse base throughout the 20th century.

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