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Lovely, lush and livable—that’s Maplewood, a township with approximately 24,000 residents. Because it is just 20 minutes from Midtown, it’s a highly desirable place to live while working in New York. However, there are plenty of reasons to call Maplewood home than an easy commute. This picturesque city is proud of its past and works hard to create a positive future for residents young and old.

The Lenape tribes inhabited the area for thousands of years before the first European surveyors began in the 1600s. English, French and Dutch settlers came in 1675 and bought up land from the Native Americans. They used existing trails as main roads and soon carved out a number of settlements, in which modern-day Maplewood got its start. First known as Jefferson Village in the late 1700s, residents soon established several mills and concentrated on apple orchards among other agricultural options. In the 1800s, apples and other orchard food helped the economy and as a stagecoach stop, the village grew as a center of trade. In the early 1800s, several townships were combined and divided, and Maplewood was part of South Orange Township for many years. Maplewood was named in 1838 when a land speculator built a railroad station and planned for settlement. The city grew rapidly into the 20th century and big new homes sprang up in the 1920s as residents of New York fled to the suburbs. Today, with development and revitalization, Maplewood is a truly charming bedroom community with a personality all its own.

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