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South Orange

The Village of South Orange is a picturesque community with approximately 17,000 residents. It’s the quintessential small town with tree-lined streets, ball diamonds and respected schools. The gaslights, echoes of a bygone era, Seton Hall University and the historic Village Hall are distinctive symbols of a community proud of its past and eager for a bright future.

Native tribes had lived in the South Orange area for centuries, long before the first European settlers arrived in the area in the mid-1600s to farm. Troops passed through South Orange during the Revolutionary War, but the town did not see action. In 1836, the railroad arrived and as transportation improved, South Orange rapidly transformed to a summer resort town thanks to nearby mineral water. The village was considered a Newark suburb noted for its distinctive gaslights. In the 1800s and early 1900s, developers bought up large lots and built grand homes, many of which still stand today as historic sites. It was during this time that the name of South Orange emerged over other older names and was officially formed in 1904. The village expanded throughout the 20th century, adopted the name and designation of the “Township of South Orange Village” and is today one of the wealthier townships in the Newark region.

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