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Summit is a small city with a big impact on its residents, and its prominence in the area is a testament to hard work, resiliency and community spirit. Its population is approximately 22,000 residents. With a history dating back centuries, when land was bought from Native American tribes by Europeans, today’s Summit is attractive to home buyers seeking excellent schools, fine homes and easy access to the big cities.

The first Europeans settled in what would become Summit in 1710 and the area was known then as Turkey Hill. The Revolutionary War troops took advantage of the hilly terrain and lit beacons from the tops of the hills to warn of approaching British troops, giving the area the name Beacon Hill. The railroad brought new life to this city in 1837 and started the expansion of the city as industry and the population grew. Summit also attracted land developers and business experts looking for new areas to set up factories, mills and more. Throughout the 1800s, Summit enjoyed steady growth and prosperity. Wealthy New Yorkers soon flocked to this picturesque community and built large homes here in the early 20th century. Real estate has become a high priority in recent decades as better commuter trains bring workers and the big city closer than ever. Today, low crime, nice homes and fine community features bring more people here to live.

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